Coffee farmers and scientists are the joint for the value chain sustainability. With the vast advances in coffee culture and sciences, it urges for technical exchanges, On-farm learning experiences (Farmer Field Schools), tours and retreat are no-longer a luxury rather, a necessity for coffee production sustainability.

Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB), legislates and attests to the fact, that farming communities and scientific research centers to keep afloat during these uncertain times of global warming and climate change crisis highly characterized with insurgency of endless list of invasive species; knowledge exchange on early warning indicators, mitigation strategies and collaboration on policy is imperative.

ACB, bets and benchmarks on international corporation as a crucial part in technical capacity development for African stakeholders, including COFET-Retreat innovation, it’s in-house groomed intellectual property based technical exchange event.

Moreover, our ACB approach hypothesizes grand ample nurturing of multi-hastened promotion and niche market traceability thus, fast-tracking incentivizing trade-outlets for African coffees that straight forward guarantee premium turns per pound of green sold in the United States.

ACB welcomes the coffee farming communities and scientist at COFET-Retreat events and programs.

  • The ACB novel niche market traceability and discovery undertaking, is an on-going project implemented on special individual client contractual basis request as well as, in-house bureau quarterly based.

Our services and opportunities presented:

  1. COFET-Retreat associated events and tours underway optimized with On-farm experience learning (Farmer Field schools), science/field trial-based tours and assorted intellectual networking.

  2. Mini-routine exhibitions, profiling and promotion of coffee based agricultural in-puts and value addition equipment (fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, pulpers, parchment dries, coffee roasting machines) and appraisal to farmer, business and entrepreneurial caucus during COFET-Retreat (Exhibit with COFET-Retreat).

  3. Mini-cup profiling events and matchmaking at strategic origin centers.

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