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Promotion and niche market scheme

ACB aspires to see more African coffees get competitively known and profiled in the North America retail chain regardless. We challenge convention and try new things, ACB aspires to create novel niche markets for the less utilized Robusta grades in the stalwart Arabica consuming United States.

African coffee bureau promotion and niche market scheme
Africa coffee bureau Trade negotiation and marketability

Trade negotiation and marketability

It was a promise when ACB was started to ensure an absolute entrepreneurial coffee ecosystem that cared about farmers. We believe in enfranchisement of the African farmers and empowering them to lead in trade negotiation decisions rather than being price takers. Our facility benchmarks the farmer wish price and enhances trade negotiations for best bet offers from the roaster or markets. ACB promised to facilitate trade negotiations between Africa farmers and the United States roasters.

Coffee sourcing and traceability

Commodity authenticity is crucial including aspects of origin, quality assurance and homogeneity of the final cup reputation. We are committed to consistency and genuity of our brand by ensuring that the coffee resources we link to the buyer or markets is real, traceable and ethically sustainable. This implies that the contract supply parameters can never be compromised; bulking in tandem with origin, quantity, final bean and cup quality profiles inclusive. This was a trade branch promise when ACB was founded.

Africa Coffee Bureau Coffee sourcing and traceability
Market linkages

Market linkages

ACB founding was so deliberate to circumvent the barriers of Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the United States. Therefore, one of ACB’s founding strongest points was to ensure sustainable market-oriented linkages between farmers and roasters in the two sister continents.

Retail chain innovations

ACB influence is grounded in coffee, a relative to other tropical-African beverage commodities of cocoa, vanilla and tea that are bound by a retail service industry of tourism. Thus, the connection of these retail chains is indispensable. ACB takes it a priority to innovate desirable retail marketing packages for the African cocoa, vanilla, tea and tourism industry to the America consumers.

African coffee bureau Retail chain innovations