J. Wanda

January 12, 2020 10:21 am Published by

ACB senior advisor and a member of the CEO board.

Moses Sekandi

January 12, 2020 10:20 am Published by

Business management and at ACB since October 2019. Leads in promotion, marketability and trade negotiation. Ensuring fulfillment of all Bureau... View Article

Mariam Nagadya

January 12, 2020 10:18 am Published by

London trained lawyer and serving ACB since June 2018. The coffee groomed legal is advisor to CEO and directs ACB’s... View Article

Saleh Nakendo

January 12, 2020 10:14 am Published by

Coffee trained scientist and a leader at ACB since January 2017. Responsible for ACB’s corporate strategy, innovation and sustainability. Chief... View Article