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Social-entrepreneurial hybrid model, founded on January 07 2017, out of Silver Spring city to ensure more African coffees get to the United States for a price that means most.

August 2021: Nice market traceability, Washington DC (Profiling Uganda Coffee)
August 2021: Nice market traceability, Washington DC (Profiling Uganda Coffee)


Profitable niche markets responsive to specific African coffees in the North American retail chain structure.


Excellence in promotion and sustainable competitive market oriented linkages that ensures premium incentive and profitability for the African coffees.

Institutional Core Values:

  • Excellence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
October 2019: 1st Africa Coffee and Tourism Expo ( Washington DC).

Rationale and Justication:

Farmers earn 70 cents for apound of green bean at primary procesing at the origin,whichtranslate into$40forroaster’s whole bean in international scenario.The problem is not what the roastermakes rather,inadequatemechanismto afford farmersdecenttrade negotiation and market linkages.It is also worrying, somefarmers’ coffeeshoweverexceptional in cup,remain unknown, lack adequate promotion in premium niche markets in consumer industrial nations.The interest should be,how dofarmersget to sidelines withroasters or equivalentto negotiatefor a more rewarding price.

Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB),bets on 3 assumptions to heighten promotion and niche market traceability that will translate into increased marketability and premium incentive for the African coffees in the United States.

a) Enfranchise African Robustas in the enormously Arabica stalwart consuming United States.

b) Hasten promotion and creation of niche markets for African Robusta’s and Arabicas.

c) Broker trade negotiations between African farmers and American Roasters.


  • Improve the livelihoods of African stakeholder farmers especially, women led ranging from 150-400 coffee tree farms.
  • Discover and create novel competitive niche markets for the African Robustas by enhancing investment opportunities leading to reasonably cheaper, affordable yet profitable Robusta brands; in addition to expanding on the narrow African Arabica market base in North America.