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Africa Coffee Bureau, bridging the gap
Walking miles for a more incentivizing exchange

The missing link

ACB is there to address gaps in market access for the peasantry, the less privileged, widows and the orphaned.

When we founded Africa Coffee bureau (ACB) in 2017, our mission was to see more African coffees come on the US market for a price that means most. In our deliberation, we realized the need to enhance promotion, fast-track niche markets and trade negotiations for the African coffees in the United States $80Bn retail chain structure. This obviously meant our increasing desire to link the farming communities in Africa to reputational buyers and roasters in the US.

We believe in an entrepreneurial coffee system that enfranchises and cares about farmers

as relevant actors in the final trade negotiations in a Farmer-Roaster Tailormade Twinning (FRTT) model.

Furthering the mission

We consulted stakeholders and recognized the need to reinvent and galvanize what ACB termed as Promotion Adoption Campaign (PAC) for the African Robusta coffee in the enormously Arabica consuming United States.

This was a crucial and revolutionary step given the fact that, Robusta significantly contributes to the African coffee exports by 45∙2% of the total production volumes but, continued to earn just US$0∙4/lb of green bean in major EU markets especially France, Italy and Germany. And this undermined the African Robusta economy and cumulative growth of the overall continental GDP; farmers demoralized and some abandoning the farming enterprise a clearly guaranteed livelihood for any peasant besides, a problem of stock surplus in some cases and climate variability.

This scenario then, informed the ACB intervention; to scheme for alternative novel markets in the stalwart Arabica drinking United States. We promised to have Robusta niche markets traced in the United States for the African producers.

Africa coffee bureau meeting stakeholders
ACB with Nashville, TN based Roasters, Vienna Coffee Co. at Coffee Fest, March 16 – 18, 2018: Baltimore city, USA.